Particle Systems Collider - Blender 2.8+ Addon (+Free Future Updates)

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(This version guarantees FREE future updates)

Main features:

  • Non-destructive collisions without flickering particles
  • Self collisions
  • Collision by hierarchy and visibility
  • Individual or complete collisions
  • Collisions with collection
  • Collisions by altitude
  • Collisions by slope
  • Collisions by pointiness
  • Gather around particles
  • Gather by collection
  • Gather by camera
  • Collisions by orientation
  • Collision visualizers

  • Precision control

  • Render animation with PSC
  • Possibility to combine all settings
  • Free vertex groups slots
  • The emitter doesn't need a dense mesh
  • Compatible with other proxy system and particle distribution add-ons


  • Emitter must have UV map, ideally not overlapping.
  • Mesh changing modifiers must be applied to emitter.
  • Non-flatten emitter polygons should be triangulated.
  • Pointiness depends on topology.


PSC v1.1

  • Speed-up of calculations (stage 1)
  • Added feature Gather Camera - camera clipping with offset
  • Added Orientation - removes particles in the direction
  • Added Render Animation with PSC - PSC updates between frames
  • Added Animated Gather Camera switcher for consistent particles
  • Separated top/bottom Altitude feather
  • Fixed after recalculation changed active particle system
  • Fixed changing the order of particle systems show the hidden
  • Fixed unused temporary vertex colors are not removed
  • Fixed incorrect visualizers generated all at once
  • Fixed altitude visualizers can be created in the wrong collection
  • Fixed particles random scale changed after PSC update
  • Fixed particles emitted from verts don't work with PSC
  • Fixed exception when invisible collider/gather collection is used
  • Fixed PSC defaults
  • Fixed a texture error in the old Blender version 2.80

Planned features for next versions:

  • Speed-up of calculations (stage 2)

  • Distance between particle objects
  • Option to link collision settings
  • Settings presets
  • Collisions around particles with feather
  • Collisions by watershed
  • Improve pointiness
  • And more...

If you like these addon features, please support me for further development.

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Particle Systems Collider - Blender 2.8+ Addon (+Free Future Updates)

5 ratings
I want this!