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Advanced Glass Shader in Blender Eevee

126 ratings

Blender 2.8+ Eevee Shader Nodes Setup

Special Features:

  • Refraction
  • Fake dispersion
  • Fake caustic
  • Fake translucent absorption
  • Complex roughness
  • Fresnel reflectance
  • Extra directional absorption
  • Option of multiple outputs



  • Improved reflectance according to input
  • Separated reflectance roughness
  • Added reflectance micro roughness
  • Improved dispersion according to input
  • Improved fake translucent absorption
  • Absorption influents shadow and caustic
  • Added extra directional absorption
  • Added directional absorption preview output
  • Added option to separate Refraction/Reflection outputs
  • Improved input value sliders of the shader group

If you are interested in how to set up Glass of Whiskey scene, you can purchase a complete source file with prebuilt Advanced Glass Shader v2.0 node group.

With the Cherry Cocktail Scene you can get the new example of using the shader features of version 2.0.

Both scene source files offer free future updates.

For non-overlapping bubbles and water droplets on the glass I used PSC Addon.

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(126 ratings)
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Advanced Glass Shader in Blender Eevee

126 ratings
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